Start & Stop Service

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Customer Service - Monday-Friday - 8:30am-5:00pm - 267-347-5009 or
Utility Emergency-After Hours - 215-721-3520

We appreciate your business! Whether you’re a new customer or returning customer to the Borough of Quakertown, we want to provide you with service as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Starting Services
We can start service in your name as early as the next business day after completing a utility application. The completed application must be submitted along with a security deposit to start all services.

Security Deposits
The Borough of Quakertown requires a security deposit for tenants upon application of utility services pursuant to the Quakertown Borough Fee Schedule. Your security deposit will be put into an escrow account where it will earn interest. When a final bill has been produced, these escrow funds will be applied to your account. If you have a credit, a refund will be mailed to your forwarding address. If you have a final amount due, this bill will also be forwarded to your new address.  



 Regular                    $150.00  Water Only-Out of Town       $35.00  
 Electric Heat            $300.00                          Water Only-In Town              $40.00
 Business                  $300.00                          Water and Sewer                  $100.00
 Restaurant               $500.00    

Moving Out of Quakertown
If you plan to move, you have the responsibility to notify the utility at least 7 days before your moving date to have service discontinued. If you fail to notify the Borough, you may have to pay for service at your old address even after you move. You are still responsible to pay any utility bill you still owe at your old address. It would be helpful to keep documentation that you notified the Borough, either by making a copy of the letter or email sent to the Borough or by writing down the date, time and name of the Borough representative you notified. You also have the responsibility of giving the Borough access to your meter for a final reading and shutoff. If you cannot or do not provide access to your meter at the time you want your service shut off, the Borough cannot finalize your account. If you are moving to another location in our area, you will need to complete a new utility application, including a new security deposit. 

If You’ll Be Away From Home
If you plan to be away from home for a long period of time, you have the responsibility to make arrangements for paying your bills and ensuring access to the utility meter. Remember, your utility service continues even while you are away and you will be billed during your absence. Your failure to make arrangements for payment of these bills could result in the disconnection of your service.